Dryland Farming Organisation

in West Asia and North Africa

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Topics to be found on this site..............

* Innovations in agriculture,

* sustainable farming and reduced erosion,

* better profits for small farmers,

* medic and other legume pastures,

* more productive flock structures for sheep,

* cheap and effective shallow cultivation,

* efficient cereal harvesting,

* improved pasture and grazing management in the rangeland,

* land tenure in the rangeland and marginal zones,

* small scale mechanisation,

* harvesting and sowing medic pods,

* machinery cooperatives,

* flexible cropping for drought avoidance

and many other ideas....

What is the Dryland Farming Organisation?


The Dryland Farming Organisation is a not-for-profit oraganistion that aims to improve the rainfed farming systems of North Africa and West Asia by:


         *  Improving the returns to farmers through increased output and reduced cost,

      * Increasing the output of meat, cereals and other farm products,

      * Improving the sustainability of the farming system through reduced energy use and soil erosion.

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This site is frequently updated but a major update and revision took place during 2007

Florita Botts worked at the coal face of development in the Third World for 35 years. She prepared audio-visual training kits for farmers in countries throughout Asia, Africa and South America. They give a vivid account of working at a grass roots level in many developing countries aound the world.