Training Kit No. 1.1


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Script: Brian and Lynne Chatterton.

Photos: Florita Botts.

Additional Photos: Brian Chatterton.

Production: Florita Botts.




Photo No. 1.

Do you graze your sheep on weedy fallow? 

Look how poor the feed is for these sheep.

Photo No. 2

Do you graze your sheep on fallow in summer? 

There is very little for these sheep to eat.

Photo No. 3

What do you do when the grazing has been eaten in summer? 

Do you graze the parcour?

Look how bare the parcour is in summer.


Photo No. 4

Do you buy grain to feed to your sheep? 

Photo No. 5

Do you buy or make hay because the fallow provides little feed for your sheep? 

You will be interested in a money saving solution to your problems of lack of feed and high cost....


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Further information and links

    The cereal - fallow rotation has many failures but the most obvious and immediate for farmers is the lack of feed for sheep.

    Other aspects of the rotation are discussed in Rotations compared.