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Photo No. 6   

This plant called medic can be grown on the fallow.

Photo No. 7

If you plant medic on your fallow land it will produce abundant green pasture for sheep to graze in winter and spring.

You will save the cost of grain and hay.

Photo No. 8

In summer dry medic pods and straw provide excellent grazing.


Photo No. 9

Sheep will grow to a heavier weight on the green medic and will continue to grow on the dry medic pods.

You will be able to sell the sheep at a higher price.

Photo No. 10 

Medic like this pasture in Algeria grows year after year without reseeding.

This saves you the cost of seed and preparing a seed bed.

The medic only needs a dressing of phosphate fertiliser. 

Photo No. 11

You can also grow a cereal crop in rotation with medic without losing your seed reserve.

The medic will grow again after the cereal without the need to seed the medic again.


 Photo No. 12 

Medic provides nitrogen for the next cereal crop.

You will have a higher yield but the cost will be less. 

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    See Rotations compared for more information on the benefits of medic and Budget for costs and returns,