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Photo No. 13

Medic grows throughout the West Asia and North Africa region.

You will find medic plants on the side of the road or on rough grazing land.

You will find medic anywhere the land has not been fallowed and ploughed deep.

Medic has a leaf similar to clover and produces a small yellow flower in spring.

Photo No. 14

The yellow flowers mature into pods that contain seed.

You will find these in summer.  


Photo No. 15

There are thousands of types of medic.

They are adapted to different climates and soil types.

This medic is growing in an area with 450 mm of annual rainfall and cold winters.


Photo No. 16 

These medic pods came from medic growing on light textured soil in a rangeland zone that receives only 200 mm of annual rainfall.


Photo No. 17 

Other medic types grow on heavy clay soils in rotation with cereals.


Photo No. 18

You can buy medic seed produced from varieties of medic that have been selected as being the most productive and well adapted to different climatic and soil conditions.

Among the many commercial varieties you will find some suitable for your farm.

Alternatively you can grow your first medic pasture from pods that have been harvested off a neighbour's field.


Photo No. 19 

Lucerne also called alfalfa, should not be confused with medic.

The leaf is the same but the plant is a perennial not an annual. The flowers are blue not yellow

It is used in a completely different way on farms.

Photo No. 20

Lucerne or alfalfa is often grown under irrigation.

It is cut and fed to livestock. 

Photo No. 21

Lucerne or alfalfa and other perennial clovers grown under irrigation are commonly cut for hay.


Photo No. 22

Medic is quite different from these perennial legumes.

It is an annual legume that thrives under natural rainfall conditions in semi - arid zones.

It does not need irrigation.

The medic pasture reproduces itself year after year from seeds (contained in these pods) that fall on the ground.


Photo No. 23 

Medic will regenerate from its own seed even after a cereal crop has been planted on a medic pasture.

This is due to the hard seed character of most medics.

Hard seed does not germinate immediately after rain but requires some years to break down and become viable.

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