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Photo No. 24

Medic will provide grazing for your sheep all the year round at very little cost.

Before you sow your medic it is worth making a budget of the cost of sowing medic, the savings in grain and hay and the increased return from selling heavier sheep.

Photo No. 25 

In the first year of medic you will need to prepare a seed bed and sow medic seed.

This cost should be included in your first year budget.

Photo No. 26 

To get the maximum benefit from your medic pasture you must graze it with sheep or cattle each day during winter and spring.

Medic can be made into hay but not in the first season.

If you intend to make hay frequently for sale it is better to sow oats and vetch.


Photo No. 27 

You should plan the area of medic pasture to provide a rough balance with the size of your sheep flock.

Too many sheep for the pasture can lead to over-grazing.

 Photo No. 28

Too few sheep for your pasture will lead to under-grazing.

The medic will be shaded by tall growing weeds in spring.

Later training kits will show you how to manage your grazing more precisely.

Planning a rough balance between the pasture and the livestock before you start will make grazing management much easier.

Photo No. 29

In summer you can graze the sheep on the dry medic pods and straw.

They provide a good summer feed and sheep will gain weight on dry medic.

Photo No. 30

With the green medic pasture in winter and dry medic pods in summer you will not need to buy grain or hay to feed your sheep.

This will save you money.

Photo No. 31

Medic does require an annual dressing of phosphate fertiliser.

This is an additional cost.


Photo No. 32

In the autumn the medic pasture will grow again from the seed in the pods.

You will not need to cultivate the land and sow it again.

Provided you manage the medic pasture correctly it will regenerate year after year.


Photo No. 33

If you decide to grow a cereal crop on the land instead of leaving it as medic pasture you must cultivate the land for the cereals in such a manner that the pods remain near the surface.

Deep ploughin will bury the medic pods and they will not regenerate in future years.

If you do this the medic will regenerate again after the cereal crop. 

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