Training Kit   No 2.1



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PHOTOS NO 1 TO 5  - A Summary of "Why grow medic?"

Original FAO Filmstrip produced in 1988

Script: Brian and Lynne Chatterton.

Photos: Florita Botts.

Additional photos: Brian Chatterton.

Production: Florita Botts.


Photo No 1.

    A good medic pasture is a good investment!

In winter and spring it produces abundant green pasture.

Photo No 2

                In summer it produces dry medic pods and straw.

Medic straw and pods are high quality and nutritious feed. 

You will spend much less on hay and grain.

Your sheep will grow faster.

Photo No. 3.

If you plant medic and manage it properly, you will have good feed all year round, year after year.

You will have healthier sheep and heavier lambs to sell.


Photo No. 4.

    How much do you spend now on hay and grain?

Draw up a budget of your present costs for feeding your sheep.

Photo No. 5.

    Compare the present costs and returns with the benefits from medic pasture and dry pods.

You will see that with medic you you get increased production at much less cost.

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    A comprehensive account of the farm budget for establishing medic is provided in Budget for medic.  Sample budget forms are also provided.