Training Kit 3.2




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Photo No 30. 

In previous training kits 2.2 and 2.3 we showed you how to establish a medic pasture from seed.

It has now grown to a thick pasture that provides plenty of green feed in winter and spring.

Photo No. 31.

In summer the medic pasture provides excellent dry feed.

Photo No. 32.

The medic pasture produces seed pods to feed your sheep in summer.

There are enough pods for next year's pasture.

You do not have to buy more seed and sow the the pasture again.

It will regenerate from these seeds.


Photo. No. 33

One of the secrets of good medic is good grazing management.

Let us go over some of the important points.


 Photo No. 34.

One rule is: daily grazing on the green pasture in winter and spring.

Daily grazing keeps the weeds down.

The medic grows thicker without the shading from weeds.

Photo No. 35. 

Here is a good medic pasture that has been grazed every day.

There is hardly a weed in sight - a little grass.


 Photo No. 36.

During winter and spring grazing, the pasture should be kept at this height: half a hand or 8 to 10 cm.

Refer to Kit 3.1 as this kit explains how you adjust the amount the sheep eat by adjusting the hours they spend grazing the pasture each day.

The balance of their feed is straw fed in the shed at night.

 Photo No. 37. 

The medic plants flowers in the spring.

Make sure that the grazing is not increased in the spring.

If the flowers are heavily grazed there will be no pods and no regeneration in future years.

Photo No. 38.

The flowers mature into green pods.

They become an important forage in summer.

Photo. No 39   

The pods contain seed.

The seed is a source of high protein feed in summer and those that are not eaten by the sheep will germinate over the next few years to form a new medic pasture.

Photo No. 40.

The medic pasture that germinates over the next few years from these reserves of hard seed in the ground is grazed in the same way.

That is during winter and spring to a height of 8 to 10 cm.  

Photo No. 41.

Here is the key to your future profits with medic.

These are the dry medic pods containing seed.

They will provide good summer feed for your sheep and seed for future medic pastures.

You must maintain a balance.


Photo No. 42

Summer grazing on medic straw and pods is excellent feed for your sheep.

They will gain weight on this dry feed. 

The pasture must not be over-grazed.

If all the pods are eaten there will be no seed for future germination.

Photo No. 43 

How do you know when to stop grazing in summer? 

The next Kit 3.3 will tell you how.

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