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Photo No 44.  

These farmers are asking the question, "How do you know when to stop grazing the dry medic is summer?" 

Their extension agent is going to show them a simple way to measure the pods during summer.

The sheep must not graze all the pods.

Some must remain on the field for the autumn regeneration.

Photo No 45.

You use this device to measure the pods on the ground every few days in summer.

It is a piece of cardboard with a hole cut out of the centre.  

Photo No. 46.

The hole is 11 cm in diameter.

This represents 1/100 of a square metre.

This disc is placed anywhere in the medic field.

Whatever pods are inside the circle are collected.

Photo No 47.

An easy way to do this is to put them in your hat.

Photo No 47.

Open up each of the pods and count the seeds.

This is important as different types of medic have different numbers of seed within each pod.

In a dry spring the number of seeds in each pod will be less.  

Photo No 48.

If you can count more than 20 seeds taken from the pods you have collected within the measuring disc,  you can leave the sheep to continue grazing.

Photo No 48.

If you have less than 20 seeds in the pods you have collected in the measuring disc, you should remove the sheep and feed them on the cereal stubble or other pasture.

Photo No 48. 

Repeat this operation a ten different spots on your field.

Count the seeds in the pods and take an average of all the samples.

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For more details on measuring medic pods in summer see Measuring pods

The same disc can be used to measure the grain lost during harvest see Harvesting cereals