Training Kit No 3.4


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Photo No 49.

In autumn, the medic will germinate from seed in the pods after the first rain.

Last year this was a cereal crop.

The medic pods were produced in the season before the cereal crop. 


Photo No 50. 

Here is a medic seedling that has germinated from a seed in the pod.

The pen points to the pod.

Photo No 51.

When we opened the medic pod there were two seeds still there.

The pen is pointing to the seeds.

They did not germinate with the first autumn rain.

They are called hard seed because the seed coat is hard and does not allow water to enter.

Over the next year or two the hard seed coat will crack due to heating and cooling in the summer sun.

They will then germinate.


Photo No 52.

So here are your medic seeds from a single pod.

They are a reserve that will last two or more years.

Some seeds will germinate in the first autumn, some the next year and even a few will last until the third season.

More on the hard seed character of medic see What cultivar for the cereal zone?