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Photo No. 8. 

In the autumn some of the medic seeds will germinate after the first rain.

There will also be a germination of weeds.

This photo shows medic and grass weeds in autumn.

Photo No. 9. 

To prepare a seedbed for the cereal crop cultivate the soil after the medic and weeds have germinated in the autumn.

Use a tined scarifier.


Photo No. 10.

Cultivate to a depth of no more than 10 cm which is about half the height of your hand.

The scarifier should have depth wheels to control the depth of working.


Photo No. 11.

The ground is usually hard when worked for the first time.

Fit narrow points to the tines of the scarifier to break open the soil for the first cultivation.  

Photo No. 12.

You take the harrows over the ground once you have used the scarifier.

To save time and effort you can pull the harrows directly behind the scarifier and carry out both operation in a single passage over the ground.

Photo No. 13.

The scarifier and harrows produce a good weed kill.

The weeds are dug out of the ground by the tines of the scarifier.

The soil is shaken from the roots by the action of the harrow.

The weeds are left on the surface where they will die.  

Photo No. 14.

More weeds will germinate.

The ground should be cultivated again with the scarifier.

This time the ground is softer and a wide point should be fitted to the tine.

This will make sure any weeds that were missed the first time are completely cut off.


Photo No. 15.

Again the harrow is used to knock the soil out of the roots.

Harrows can be used separately or pulled behind the scarifier.


Photo No. 16. 

Take a handful of soil and separate out the medic pods after you have cultivated with the scarifier.

This shows you how the seed reserve is still in the top few centimetres of soil in spite of the cultivation.

The seed in the pods will germinate in future years.

Photo No. 17

The harrows also breakdown any clods left by the scarifier.

A good seedbed, free of weeds is the result.

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