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Photo No. 27 

You must not use a mould board or disc plough to prepare the seedbed for cereals in the cereal - medic rotation.

Photo No. 28

These types of ploughs will bury the pods containing the medic seed so deep they cannot germinate after the cereal crop.

You will lose your reserve of seed and your next medic pasture.

Photo No. 29 

Deep ploughing produces big clods that must be broken down to produce a seedbed for the cereal crop.

This costs you time and money.

Deep ploughing is slow.

Late sowing of the cereal crop will reduce yields.

Photo No. 30

Do not use a cover cropper or tandem disc either.

This implement does not bury the pods directly but mixes them into the top 15 cm of the soil.

Some pods will survive and germinate.

Most will be buried too deep.

Experience in the WANA region has shown that the tandem disc weakens the medic regeneration considerably.

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    The above training kit emphasises the problem of burying the medic pods. This is the most immediate problem associated with deep ploughing within the medic -  cereal rotation.

Elsewhere I make the point that deep plougghing is expensive and takes up too much valuable time in autumn.

Once the fallow is eliminated all the seed bed preparation and sowing has to be done in the autumn. There are considerable pressures on farmers to complete this work quickly as late sowing cause a reduction in cereal yield.

Of course the question farmers need answered is "Is shallow cultivation effective in controlling weeds?"

In Buyers Guide to scarifiers     I show how shallow cultivation is effective provided it is carried out using implement designed for that task.

Unfortunately this simple principle has not been grasped in many WANA countries and attempts have been made to carry out shallow cultivation using deep ploughs and other implements such as chisels all designed for deep cultivation.

Their failure is hardly surprising.

It is not a failure of shallow cultivation but a failure of the implements.

Their failure is predicable as they were not designed for shallow cultivation.


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