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The harvester ready for action. 

Removing the catching tray.


 Harvester showing catching tray partially removed.

Harvester with catching tray completely removed.


Showing rotary brush.

Another view of rotary brush.


Harvester being pulled by donkey

Pod harvester, harvested pods, donkey and audience!

Some machines for sweeping olives that could be modified for medic pods

This is an olive sweeper that is very similar to the ICARDA medic pod harvester. The olives are swept into the catching tray in the front of the machine. The mesh size is suitable for olives. Smaller mesh would be needed for medic pods.

This is the sweeper with the catching tray ready to tip into container.

Another view of the machine.

This is a sweeper and suction machine. It is seen here harvesting chestnuts but I believe it would be effective on medic pods. The machine would harvest the pods and straw. The collected material would need to be cleaned through a winnower.

Pod holding medics can be harvested using a conventional cereal harvest. I am current research the details of this operation.