A quick botany check

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Also What pasture for the cereal zone

Some leaf shapes for common legume species.

This is a typical clover leaf. All leaflets are on stalks of the same length.

This is a typical medic leaf. The middle leaflet is on a longer stalk.

These four barrel medic cultivars show clearly that the length of the central stalk can vary considerably within the same species. These photos also show that leaf markings are linked to cultivars not species.

This is the snail shaped pods of snail medic.

Seedlings do not show the characteristic leaf shape until the forth "leaf". First there are the two cotyeldons, then the spade leaf and then the leaf showing the medic or clover character.

This is typical of lotus species. The stipules resemble leaflets. The leaf appears to have five rather than three leaflets.

Pinate leaf typical of species such as serradella. Pinnate leaf ends in a leaflet.

This pinnate leaf ends in a tendril. This is typical of vetches.

Vetch in flower. Flower colour varies between species.

Palmate leaf typical of lupins