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   This site is available as a CD.

The advantage of the CD is:-

    * For people in the WANA region internet connections are sometime slow and expensive.

    * At training colleges there are a limited number of computers available and internet time is at a premium.

    * We encourage people to print off material from the site for use with farmers. This will need to be translated. Working from a disc is easier.

    The CD becomes easier when you enter the Farmier Training Kits.

    The ICARDA Pod harvester manual and photos are also large files that need to be accessed through the CD as is the Photo guide to grazing green medic.

    The cost of the CD is Euro 10 including postage. For bulk order of ten or more the price is Euro 7 per CD including postage.  Contact us at <> or write to Brian Chatterton, Pulcini Press, Castel di Fiori. 05010 Montegabbione (TR) Italy. for details.

An earlier version of this site on CD is also available from IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) for testing as part of their knowledge and sharing network KARIANET.