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This site is free

This site provides free informatiom and users can copy freely from it but in fact it is often difficult to copy material and even more difficult to print it.

For this reason I have converted parts of the site into Free Downloads. These are PDF files that incorporate the photos into a single printable document. They can be printed for convenient use in the field or class room. When you have loaded a pdf file save it for printing. Then return to the Downland page on this site using the back button on your web brouser. I have not put a return link to the Download page as I wanted the pdf file to be printer ready.

Free Downloads

Farmer training kits

Kit No 1 Why grow medic? - This incorporates all Kits 1.1 to 1.6 into a single document. Approx size 7 MB. Kit 1 is a simple illustrate guide to the reasons for growing medic

Kit No 2. Establising a medic pasture using seed. Approx. size 4 MB. This kit provides a step by step guide to eastablishing a medic pasture.

Kit No 3 How to graze medic pasture. Approx. size 5 MB This kits explains how to graze medic pasture - both green and dry. How to manage the sheep flock and how to maintain the seed reserves.

Kit No 4 Medic and cereals in rotation Approx size 5 MB This kit takes the farmer through the cereal phase of the medic - cereal rotation. The implements are described and the techniques of cultivation and sowing.

More Downloads for the cereal zone

Buyers Guide to Scarifiers This provides a detail explanation of the key technical features of a scarifier and how to make a sound purchase. It provides more technical back up to Kit No 4 above.

A photo guide to grazing green medic. This guide provides a week by week guide to green medic. production levels and grazing management. It can be used in conjunction with Kit No 3 above.

Buget for medic pasture. If farmers are to adopt medic pasture they need a budget for their costs and returns. This guide provides all the details.

Rangeland downloads

Grazing management and pasture development are two key elements to restoring the rangeland. These are discussed within a context of new development models in this chapter on Rangeland Development