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Farming systems

    The major agricultural research organisations find farming systems research too difficult as there are too many variables.

A useful site is the Birchip Farmer Group. BirchipThey have conducted some useful comparisons in the low rainfall zone of Australia into farming systems with "No tillage" "Reduced tillage" "Conventional tillage" and varying levels of livestock, pasture and fallow.

    Another group that has done some useful farm trials is the  Hart Field Day Group

Appropriate farm machinery

    Scarifiers and seeders can be found on two useful sites.

They tend to use the words "cultivators" and "drills" but the concepts are the same.

The machines are built for Australia and are therefore too large for most farms in the WANA region but again a useful source of ideas.  John Shearer    and  Horwood Bagshaw

For modification to harvesters see  Primary Sales Australia

For small cereal seed cleaners see  Hannafords

    The above are commercial manufacturers. For disinterested information on farm machinery there is the Kondinin Group  which is a not for profit association of Australian farmers that independently tests machinery and other farm inputs.

Medic seed supplies

    The most comprehensive range of medics and similar self regenerating annual legumes is available from South Australian Seedgrowers Cooperative

Research Organisations

  A very useful site is Thimar. It is a research collective for the Arab world that covers not just agriculture but also the environment and labour.

  The two international organisations for the WANA region are  ICARDA  and  ACSAD 

I have not found their sites very useful.

They are designed as publicity platforms and it is extremely difficult to find any practical information.

For example the ICARDA site has no reference to the medic pod harvester invented by ICARDA nor to the pod method of medic establishment.

The ACSAD site is even more limited in its application.

Livestock production

    There is useful information for animal scientists at this site. Particularly useful for winter feeding of sheep. For example rations for sheep in sheds waiting for the pasture to grow to a stage where it can be grazed and also for feeding sheep with straw during the early stages of grazing.

Development Organisations

    IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) has financed a considerable amount of medic development over the last two decades throughout the WANA region. It also financed shallow cultivation in Jordan.

The  IFAD site provides only general information and unfortunately little historical material on past projects.

Statistical Information

    This is available from FAO . The organisation collects statistics from national governments and consolidates them in a most useful database. There is a considerable library of technical information on medic but little of it is currently available on the web.

Feeding sheep in winter

    A good site for information on urea treatment and other aspects of sheep feeding in winter is Feed resources

Nitrogen for cereals and other crops.

    There is a calculator available free from the CSIRO in Australia for the cereal zone between 250 and 350 mm. See