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Brian Chatterton is the author of this site.

Relevant expertise.


     I was a farmer in Australia for more than twenty years from 1964.

I had a farm of 500 ha. in the Cereal Zone with an average rainfall of 550 mm.

In Europe and the WANA region a farmer with 500 ha would be a landowner not a practical farmer.

I employed one farm worker and between us we carried out almost all the farm operations from tractor driving to vaccinating the sheep.

Additional contract labour was employed to shear the sheep and prune the vines.

Contractors were employed to harvest the cereals and transport the grain to market.

The principal enterprises on the farm were cereals and livestock - linked through a legume pasture rotation - and vines.

No nitrogen fertiliser was used on the farm.

Phosphate was applied to all cereal crops and legume pastures.

There were two tractors.

A medium sized tractor for cultivation and seeding and a small tractor for transport and spraying herbicides

A scarifier, harrow and seeder were the only implements needed for the cereals.

I have used, on this site, a practical approach to the farming of the WANA region based on my hands on experience.

Farming consultant in the WANA region

    From the mid 1970s I studied the agriculture of the WANA region in detail and was employed as a farming consultant by IFAD, national governments and research institutions.

I have 25 years of experience in the WANA region and have been able to develop ideas based on the culture and experience of farmers in the countries of the region.

Technical expertise

    I have a Degree in Agriculture from the University of Reading in Britain and have maintained my expertise by keeping up to date with current research.

Agricultural policy and research management.

    I was Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests in the State of South Australia during the 1970s and early 1980s.

The Department of Agriculture was a regulatory, extension and research organisation.

As Minister I was actively involved in the development and management of medic farming projects in Libya, Jordan, and Iraq as well as a major rangeland project in Algeria.

Brian Chatterton when Minister of Agriculture in the South Australian Government.